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Revamp your wardrobe the 2020 way

Revamp your wardrobe the 2020 way

Revamp your wardrobe the 2020 way

I think we can all definitely agree that this has been quite a year, and I don’t mean that in a good way. We’ve all had to make some changes in the way we live, the way we spend and the way we eat. Unfortunately, most of us have not been able to renew our wardrobes as much as we would have liked, given the way prices have hiked incredibly. However, do not despair! Economic crisis does not mean you have to wear your clothes until they become rags. And just because you can’t afford new clothes on a regular, does not mean you can’t look great or actually have presentable outfits in your closet. Not at all. Being a university student myself, I have had to make do with the clothes that I already have, and I decided: Why not get creative? So here’s a tip that can help you ladies; just DIY! Do it yourself. You won’t need much, and you definitely won’t need any tailoring skills. Just get a bunch of your old tops, denims, skirts and dresses that you feel like you can no longer wear, you’ll be surprised by the variety of options that you can convert them into. My best friend is particularly fond of anything denim, and so she has a lot of old jeans and jackets lying around. Old jeans can be converted into a cute little purse, wrist bands with beads on them, a mini denim skirt, or a mini dress. You can use clothes bleach on old ripped jeans to give them more colour, and also add small details like beads and colours to it. Old baggy T shirts can be made into mini dresses, crop tops as well as throw overs. You can also sew small details such as hearts and flowers over holes in clothes using colourful string. And bonus: You can turn a pair of your old leggings into a simple but sexy swimsuit. There is a wide range of possibilities! I can safely say that DIYs have made my life a whole lot easier, and they can do that for you as well. Due to that skill, I can wear one dress in five different ways and you wouldn’t notice. It’s just a matter of being open minded really. You will also be happy to know that DYI doesn’t necessarily mean cutting up all your clothes and sewing them, sometimes it’s just a matter of being innovative and switching them up whenever you can. It’s that simple.

Ladies, don’t sit around moping about not having anything to wear. Being economic does not end in your financial stability alone. Yes things are pretty tough out there, but don’t let it downgrade you from the good looking and beautiful fashionista that you’ve always been, you can still pull off your signature look, with a simple solution. Just do it yourself. You can’t prevent change, but you can learn to adapt to it.

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Happy Sewing!

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