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Question and answer with Miss Chindiya(Mikey)

Question and answer  with Miss Chindiya(Mikey)

Question and answer with Miss Chindiya(Mikey)

We noticed that you are working with brands such as CIMAS, Vaya and Foodicon representing their brands.

How did they notice you?

You know what? I never actually asked them, but usually, it will happen through one of my social media pages. I’ve worked really hard to build a strong presence with quality content and consistency. So an agency will come across some of the work my team and I have put out there, and then contact either my manager or myself. Through my manager the rest of the business is discussed and finalized. But it all starts with the content.

How is the experience working with the brands such as CIMAS AND VAYA ?

Working with brands as big as CIMAS and VAYA was amazing. The experience was great, but also amazing to get that kind of recognition from a respected brand in the market meant a lot too. We agreed on a fair exchange of value, which always makes it so much easier to work. They were there very transparent and there to help me every step of the way, even in terms of creating content they were very forthcoming and helpful, I enjoyed the process very much!

Are you getting paid?

Yes i am, I have a rate card, so each time I am approached by a company/brand the first stage of the conversation involves disclosing my rates and them confirming whether or not that it is something they can work with and we take it from there.

What exactly is your job there?

Well I don’t work for the VAYA or CIMAS, I worked with them. The brands I recommend or share with my audience are always brands that I know I can vouch for, which is what makes the collaborations make sense. My role in that collaboration is to share an authentic experience or perspective of the product or service I’m representing during the campaign.