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Beauty beyond what meets the eye.

Beauty beyond what meets the eye.

Beauty beyond what meets the eye.

         You should know you're beautiful just the way you are

         and you don't have to change a thing, the world could

                                   change its heart.

     No scars to your beautiful, we're stars and we're beautiful.

                -Scars To Your Beautiful Alessia Cara

As I listened to this song it got me thinking how people with visible facial differences, such as scars and acne, and those with body deformities are rarely represented and when they are represented in media, they are often vilified. Why can’t people see the beauty beyond the scars. If you browse a search on beauty many of the articles you see there all focus on how to make you look beautiful, skin care, body workout, diet and all other myths.

Most people especially ladies’ stumbles through their youth, teens and twenties out of touch with the girl in the mirror. They try so much to find so much fault in the way they look and the way that she looked back at her. The girl in the mirror is vulnerable, out of touch, and she truly believed right down to her very core, that she was anything but beautiful. Looking at the visible scars, or acne on her face, the fat tummy, the dark skin, and the body shape she might think that she is nothin, far from beauty.

Many young women are programmed to self-loath; to believe that they aren’t enough. Standing in front of that mirror they would find fault from the face to the thighs. And I believed, because the media shoved it down our throat, that beauty was specific, and something only for a few people. People tend to try to equate beauty to smooth and clear skin but is that all that beauty is. Beauty isn’t thigh gaps, or flat tummies, pointed nose, long neck, or symmetrical faces. It’s none of that balderdash the media shoves down your throat. Beauty is waking up to a new day with the sun beaming brightly on your face despite the scars. Beauty is being alive and being in love. Beauty comes from the inside and is shared with those around us. Beauty is your story. It’s signs that you’re alive and it’s giving someone else a sign of hope.

What we should realize is that self-worth has to first originate from within because that’s where we find our lasting beauty and truest selves. I hope that one day our culture can learn to focus less on superficial features and more on a person’s character—her interior features. Our culture as whole needs to stop scrutinizing imperfections and the skin and body shaming needs to stop. 

 Don’t let anyone tell you it’s perfect lips or perfect brows – because there’s nothing more beautiful than what’s authentic, your beauty comes from your uniqueness. The way you look – your scars, the bags under your eyes, your body structure, It’s all just your story in physical form.