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Be Beautiful, but Don’t Lose Yourself

Be Beautiful, but Don’t Lose Yourself

Be Beautiful, but Don’t Lose Yourself

We live in a world were standards of beauty are constantly changing and being reshaped so as to fit the expectations of the audience. In this world, being a model is a privilege. Once you become one, you don’t only become someone who is deemed worthy of being admired, but you set a standard. You set the standard of what it means to be beautiful. Your days are filled with the adoration of those who follow you, the admiration of those you secretly inspire, and fortunately or unfortunately the silent envy of those who wish they could be like you. With such a distinguished societal post, what could possibly go wrong?

You’re beautiful, however… People assume that since you’re beautiful you don’t have any problems because of the attention you attract and the never ending praise. They don’t believe that you can be beautiful and unhappy. And how could you be expected to develop a personality when since the age of 15 you’ve never needed to start a conversation? Silence was always the “less attractive” person’s fault and responsibility. And as for emotional maturity in romance, you always have options right? Who could ever leave you or turn you down? And who could imagine you dissecting the pages of Aristotle or deconstructing our economic challenges? Who would even dare to be beautiful and intelligent?

Often, people’s limited perceptions will make it difficult for you to break out of some of the harmful narratives that are imposed onto you. The challenge arises when you begin slowly turning into who you think they want you to be. You have to keep up with appearances and stay relevant, but at what cost? I’m going to ask you a question, and it’s going to make us uncomfortable for a while, but we can’t run away from it because it is one of the most important questions you will ever have to address in life, not just as a model, but as a person. Do you know who you are?  I’m going to ask that question again, because it’s that important. Do you know who you are? Do you, really?

I will list a couple of questions that may assist you in discovering parts of yourself that may have been hidden deep within because you’ve never been prompted to answer them. If you find the time, please go through them slowly. Be as honest as you can be, and if you fail to answer them, that’s still okay. The destination is important, but what’s more in important is the journey. These questions are not absolute. They are just a starting point to get you into the realm of introspection. Self-discovery is about continuous exploration, so don’t be afraid to explore who you are using the following guidelines:

  • In what way are you your worst enemy?
  • What impact do you want to leave on the world?
  • Why do you matter?
  • What have you given up on?
  • What do you sometimes pretend to understand, that you don’t?
  • If you could only hold on to one memory, what memory would that be?
  • How do you want the most important person in your life to remember you?

It’s easy to get distracted from who we are because in the midst of company we all wear the seemingly appropriate masks in an attempt to be accepted and also to stay relatable. Nonetheless, we all have unique parts of ourselves that are waiting to be discovered, cultivated, and expressed. Perhaps, in this day and age when so much attention seems to be stolen by that which is superficial, what we need more than ever is authenticity.

Remember, you are most beautiful when you are yourself.