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Shadaya attacks prominent ladies indirectly

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Famous meme writer shadaya aka Fella in Versace attacks socialites on twitter which led to a serious twitter war.He attacked Pokello, Misred, Zuvahabane and Olinda Chapel

According to Shadaya "these ladies are not good role models."

shadaya twitter post:

"Jojo Tank - hid her HIV status to her ex husband

yellowbone - rose to prominence with a sextape

Vulgar queen- hosted a divorce party

DJ  jockey- multiple baby dadies

crying  Cougar - always crying about young men

these are the women who lack values morals, principles  & intergrity"

Misred responded to the tweet "My brother may you heal from what broke you. I don't know you ... probably may never meet you, but l do hope you will find peace in your heart because if attacking someone you don't even know gives your life meaning... you must be really broken. God keep you"

Olinda Chapel response " Dear Fella in Versace(not Versace) first find a job, you're 38 and very unpemployed. only when you can fit in any one of these women's tax brackets, will your opinion matter!"

Zuvahabane response to the tweet " Masasi ake ndemunhu akanyimwa stonyeni yaaiitira chioko darly. usavenge ma alpha females because they r not moved paunodzvova. why does my divorce part bother you so much, do you know what l went through that got me to that point ."

Does one's past mistakes and failures make them a bad role model?

The question on everyone's mind why is he doing this as there was no previous bad blood between him and these ladies ?