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Moana posted "i definitely have body issues"

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Moana the beautful beast AKA Moana_ty22  posted  "i definitely have body issues" Which makes us wonder why? As she is a fitness trainer. She also said "my weight? it is what it is. you could get hit by a bus tommorrow. its about being content. and sometimes other priorities win." Apart from being a fitness model she is a regualr girl and all regular girls have things that bother them especially when it comes to their bodies. Her opening up about her body issues was not well received because being a fitness model to people means body perfection but then the word itself perfection does it really exist ? Don't we all have insecurities but the difference is some are open about theirs while others hide theirs, some are visible while others are not.

What remains is the ability to love yourself flaws and all because at the end of the day noone is perfect and you shouldn't let anyone make you think otherwise.