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Top 15 Hottest Female Celebs in Zimbabwe

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Though it had been originally posted by iNgoda TV on YouTube the Zimbabwean beauty list caused a stir on social media after it had been acknowledged by zimcelebs on their Instagram page. The  whole scenario was about the Top 15 Hottest Female Celebs in Zimbabwe . In making the list they looked at various categories and mostly the ladies who caught the eyes of the media. At  the end of the list was voted Zodwa Makandla , a Zimbabwean entrepreneur  who owns Traverze Travel and also ex-wife to the notorious Ginimbi. Next was Netherlands based Zimbabwean Vimbai Zimuto , who is a well known singer .Zuva Habane the extravaganza social media personality based in South Africa  , came after . Following her was the musician MC Honey . KikkyBadAss was next on the beauty list, as many adore her rapping skills and figure.Next up was the beloved radio presenter Kudzai Violet Gwara , famously known as KVG. Chacha the TV presenter ,news anchor and sports reporter also made it on the list.  Madam Boss a former gospel musician turned comedian  came after , with her beauty and personality it would have been a shocker if she was to not grace the list.Next was Danielle a well established business woman. The  beguiling Pokello , a  socialite and business woman in the country was also on the list.Just after the star had featured on the list Misted the media sensation was next.As the list went on beautiful ladies such as Kim Jayde ,a model and TV presenter were seen .Moanna  the fitness trainer was also on the list. The top two beauties of Zimbabwe were Ammara Brown in second place and  the curvy and breath taking Luminitsa in first place.