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Phathisani Sibanda will be leaving Star Fm

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The word on the streets declaring that the beloved idol of the Zimbabwean Radio station Star Fm  Phathisani Sibanda will be leaving the the station, has caused chaos in the entertainment industry of Zimbabwe.The radio presenter famously known by his self proclaimed tittle Shumba Pazvese  is said to be resigning from the radio leaving his sea of fans in distraught and heartbreak. In the world of radio presentation the man himself had set a mark, attaining him the prestigious tittle of being called the radio King . During his time on the station he had made a drastic change as the radio station gained more attention due to his velvet voice and charisma .The way he spoke and manuvered during the show was wonderous leaving many in anticipation of the next radio presentation. Mr Phathisani Sibanda had truly been the emir of the radio station , making him a legend .