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Hajirah Belinda Potts`s Birthday

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In celebration of her birthday the outgoing Miss Zimbabwe Hajirah Belinda Potts' family and friends invited singer Enzo Ishall to grace the event as he is her favourite artist. As the the night went on and the atmosphere full of joy and laughter the music star and the outgoing Miss Zimbabwe joined others on the dance floor .The two acclaimed friends danced together, their bodies in sync with the music that was being played. With such excitement the night whisked away though it was an event to behold.

Following the, event the dancing of the two had been captured by one of the onlookers and was posted online.The video quickly became a buzzing sensation as  many now speculated that the two were dating . The allerged singer then posted his reaction on Instagram making sure that people clearly understood their relationship status which is that they are only close friends ,brother and sister if need be .He then indirectly stated that people need to pay attention to the correct information and with due respect mind their own business.