Tarisai Nicola Mwashita Details | zm5ed41d1d7a205

Username Name Surname Age Gender Ethnicty
Nicola_dash Tarisai Nicola Mwashita 19 female Black
Country City Suburb Street Address Job Type Body Type
Zimbabwe Harare Westlea 6433,170 street Real Life Feet
Modeling Agency Height Weight Waist Suit/Dress Size Shoe Size
Freelancer 168cm CM 51kgKg 28CM 28 5
Model Biography
Hi My name is Tarisai Nicola Mwashita.I am 19 years old.I did my O levels in 2017 and passed.I then went on to do my A levels in 2019 and did fairly well,I'm waiting to go to college.I have always wanted to be a model from a very young age,I started doing it in 2019 where I joined Mrs Teen Zimbabwe , unfortunately it didn't take place.I believe I'm good at what I do and hoping to make in the modelling world

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